Many people look at the Mercedes Benz as a vehicle that is nice to look at but too expensive to own. If this is your take on the Mercedes brand, then you might be surprised that there is an affordable Mercedes line of cars that you can consider. The Mercedes Benz A Class is an affordable option that allows you to drive a Mercedes at a price that you would pay for a more economical car.

The Mercedes Benz A Class starts at �16050. This model features a five door hatchback design and received the Design for environment certificate, a certificate that has also been awarded to the B Class, C Class and S Class vehicles as well. The urban mpg is 37.7, extra urban mpg of 55.4 and a combined mpg of 47.1. This is the most affordable Mercedes vehicle that you will find.

The Mercedes Benz C Class starts at �25,930 for the Saloon. It’s also available in an Estate or Coup option, each of which is more expensive than the previous one mentioned. The C Class does fall more into the norm of what people expect from a Mercedes with all leather interior options, high end sound system options and more.

The Mercedes Benz E Class reaches even further with class and style for Mercedes. This car is available in a Saloon, Estate, Cabriolet and a Coup. The prices start at �29,125 and can exceed �32,000 for the Coupe. Again, these prices aren’t nearly as outrageous as many people feel that Mercedes’ prices are, making them more affordable for a wider range of people.

The Mercedes Benz S Class is where you’ll find Mercedes’ vehicles get quite expensive. This car starts at �60,610 for the base model. Of course, the base model is still quite lavish compared to your average vehicle, but if you add additional features, you can expect to pay more.

The most expensive Mercedes is the SLS AMG Roadster, which starts at �176,925. This sports car is available in limited quantities and is a car that many people dream about owning.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of choices when it comes to the price of a Mercedes vehicle. What’s more, these are new car prices at the manufacturers suggested retail price, you might be able to find your dream car for less; it doesn’t hurt to look!

Mercedes A Class

The New A Class Mercedes!

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