For a company that can trace its beginnings back to the 1880s, Mercedes Benz has come a long way. They are now the world’s oldest car company still in existence, and one of the world’s foremost luxury car brands. Combine the precision German engineering with an eye for luxury, you have a car that is reliable, safe, luxurious and is a high performance vehicle. The company has many great models to choose from. They actually have everything from a family car and SUV to a sporty models that are perfect for two and a true joy to drive around. No matter which model you choose, you are going to get a car that you will be proud to own.

The Mercedes Benz A Class is a 5 door hatchback. But, it is still a Mercedes, which means that it has excellent styling, and plenty of performance under the hood. For your comfort, the car comes with fully adjustable seating, which gives you 6 ways to adjust the seat so that your back is fully supported.

The Mercedes C Class has three body styles, coupe, estate and saloon. This car is loaded with technology, to help keep you safe, to help make your drive easier, and to make your drive more enjoyable. One of those is the rear assist camera. That means that you have a camera that lets you see what is behind you.

You can also check out the Mercedes E Class. Like the C Class, the E also comes in coupe, estate and saloon. However, it also adds in one more body style. It also comes in cabriolet. The two door cabriolet is perfect for getting away. It has room for four, and a spacious trunk, which gives you plenty of room for all your luggage.

The Mercedes S Class only comes in one body style, the saloon, but that’s really all it needs. In 2005, this car became the first car to get an Environmental Certificate from the German TUV Institute. The engine already meets emissions standards that won’t go into effect in the EU until 2014.

Mercedes A-Class

Can we tempt you with the new A-Class?


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  1. bobby boucher says:

    Wawawee wa what an article! BRAVO! BRAVO! I DEsperately want to know more about the mercedes! Bellisimo! A Class Is my Fav Class!

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