Mercedes-Benz can trace its beginnings all the way back to 1886. In the years since then, the company has become one of the most popular luxury car makers in the world. People like these cars because of their luxury and performance. When people want to make a statement that they have arrived, then a Mercedes is one of the cars that they turn to so that they can make that statement. They are always coming with cars that are better than the ones that have come before, complete with new innovations to make the car safer, perform better, and be more fuel efficient. Their newest model is the Mercedes Benz GL Class.

GL Class

Isn't it a sporty looking beast!

This new model is a luxury full size crossover SUV. Most people wouldn’t think that a sports utility vehicle can be a luxury vehicle, but Mercedes has proven them wrong. This car has both fantastic styling as well as great performance. It’s really comfortable inside, which makes it a very nice ride.

One of the things that sets the newest member of the Mercedes Benz family is the fact that its engine is really efficient. That’s because of the BlueEFFICIENCY feature. This feature helps to boost the fuel efficiency of the car, while still giving you the performance that you expect from a Mercedes. One of the things that helps with the efficiency is the start/stop feature. What this does is stop your engine when you stop at stoplights or when you are in stop and go traffic. Your engine running when it isn’t needed pushes your fuel consumption way up. So, having it stop when you aren’t moving and having the engine start back up when you are moving is going to save you on those costs. You won’t notice that it has done this, but you will notice the fuel savings. Saving on fuel is something that everyone wants to do.

The newest Mercedes truly deserves to be part of this family. All you need to check it out and you will see that it lives up to all the great things you have heard about this car.


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