There are different levels of vehicles driving on the road each day. Some cars are more economical and lack luxurious features, some are built strictly for power and others are family friendly. Every car has its place, but Mercedes Benz continually holds the place at the head of the class. There isn’t another line-up of vehicles that can compete with the reliability, comfort and sheer luxury of these vehicles. The flagship model is the Mercedes Benz E Class. There are four body styles to choose from with the E class, and the most popular is the saloon. The innovative safety features that are included with this model are astounding. The attention assist will monitor the drivers behavior and issue warnings if they sense fatigue. The active blind spot assist will warn drivers if there is a car sitting in their blind spot, and the night view assist will give drivers the ability to pick up anything that might be on the road to avoid a collision. The E class exudes luxury and style, and the safety features make it a great choice.

The Mercedes Benz C Class has a slightly different feel to it. This is an offering from Mercedes Benz that gives drivers a more compact and fuel efficient package. The Blue Efficiency engines also give the C class some of the lowest carbon emissions of any other car in its class. The innovative technology features like the navigation system and on demand Internet browsing make the C class a very unique ride. Another good option for buyers is the Mercedes Benz A Class. This model is a very compact car that has already won many awards for its role in helping improve our environment. The gas mileage is off the charts, and the carbon emissions are as low as any other car on the road.

A final class for consideration is the Mercedes Benz S Class. This is one of the most powerful and roomy cars in the entire model line-up. Despite the powerful engines, the S Class still has respectable gas mileage and fairly low carbon emissions. The automatic start stop feature helps to improve both of those areas. The S Class also has one of the most comfortable cockpits of any car. The seats have self adjusting air chambers on the side, and a massage feature to keep everyone comfortable and relaxed.

S Class Mercedes

Mercedes S Class Anyone?


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