Almost everyone who adores Mercedes Benz gets a little embarrassed when the tall and compact A class cars are mentioned — until now! These new front-drive vehicles sit 6.3 inches lower than the previous models. The taller vehicles were the result of a previous attempt at electric vehicle (EV) development. The batteries were to sit beneath the floor, which required that the car be taller. The EV project was suspended, but the tall cars remained. The new 2013 Mercedes Benz A Class is much more stylish and has more power than the previous A models. An enthusiastic crowd was on hand when Mercedes revealed its 2013 Mercedes Benz A Class lineup at the Geneva Motor Show of 2012.

A Class Concept 2011


A Class buyers will be able to choose a diesel engine or a gasoline engine. The 1.6 litre, 1.8 litre and 2.0 litre gas engines have power starting from 107 hp (1.6L) to 156 hp (1.8L), to over 200 hp. Another option is the 250 Sport package that is AMG-engineered. For diesel engines, the 180 CDI produces 109 hp and the 200 CDI powers up to 136 hp. Also a 220 CDI displaces 2.2 litres with power of 170 hp which delivers exceptional performance. Front-wheel drive is standard for the compact lineup, but an option will be all-wheel drive. The engines have either three or four cylinders which are turbocharged for power. Transmission options include traditional manual or an automated manual with seven-speeds and a dual-clutch.

The suspension on the new A Class has a lower centre of gravity and a four-link rear axle to make the car more dynamic. It also makes installing the 4MATIC all-wheel drive feasible. There are various suspension settings the customer can choose from such as the sports suspension option that comes with the Direct-Steer system. The electromechanical steering system has been totally redesigned to make the power assistance motor sit directly atop the steering gear. The A Class features a collision warning system to reduce the number of rear-end collisions.

A number of safety systems have been incorporated into the new A Class from larger, more expensive models. These include the innovative Attention Assist system that detects drowsy drivers and prompts them to stay awake. Mercedes is serious about safety, and the A Class benefits from this.


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