Mercedes is a highly desired car make in the UK. It is one of the most popular and best selling car brands in the UK. It is a sophisticated and classy car brand that some people can only dream of owning. Mercedes Benz divides its vehicles into classes which can include more than one body style and various specifications. Here is a basic overview of some of the classes, body styles and specs.

C Class

The Mercedes Benz C Class includes three body styles: 1) Saloon, 2) Coupe and 3) Estate. The saloon is a striking design to behold and features a luxurious interior to match the striking exterior. The coupe has sleek lines and is striking for a car in its class. The interior also provides comfort and styling you can expect from this make of car. The estate is ideal for the classy family car. It offers practicality in an elegant design. Every C Class car has the best in advanced technology as a standard.

A Class

The Mercedes Benz A Class is the MPV of this line of cars that can accommodate the family, keep everyone safe and comfortable and it handles like a smaller car. Steer Control, BlueEfficiency, Active Park Assist and futuristic communications technology sets this model apart from others in its class.

E Class

Mercedes Benz E Class vehicles come in three body styles: 1) Saloon, 2) Convertible and 3) Coupe. These are engineered around the driver and the passengers to make a comfortable, smooth and exciting driving and riding experience. The saloon has classic body styling and interior comforts that go beyond others in it class. The convertible is fun, beautiful, safe and highly efficient for the driver who loves to experience the open road with the top down. The coupe Offers comfort and styling you will love in a two door vehicle.

S Class

The Mercedes Benz S Class is this brand’s signature saloon. It provides advanced technology including advanced parking guidance, driving assistance package, intelligent light systems, BlueTEC and splitview rearview mirror. It is one of the safest and most technologically advanced cars on the road today.

You already know that Mercedes Benz is dedicated to designing and making quality cars. All you need to know is which one meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.

Nice Mercedes

Beautiful Mercedes!


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