There are many reasons why consumers looking for a roadster are choosing the Mercedes Benz SLK. Some people like the zero to 100 kilometers per hour acceleration numbers. Others like the fact that the engine is both fuel efficient as well as fast. Then there are those who like the comforts as a driver or passenger. No matter the reason, the driving and riding experience in the SLK is unmatched.

Mercedes SLK Class On the stand

We so want one...

A key reason why many people are buying the Mercedes SLK is the engine. There are a number of choices for the SLK BlueEFFICIENCY engine. The surprising thing to many potential buyers is that getting the best engine doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing on the fuel efficiency significantly. That proves how powerful and innovative the research the development at Mercedes Benz is. For example, the SLK 200 can get from zero to 100 kilometers per hour acceleration in just 7.3 seconds while having a fuel efficiency of 41.5 miles per gallon combined. On the other hand, those who want to get very fast speeds can get the SLK 300 instead which has a zero to 100 kilometers per hour acceleration in just 5.6 seconds with a fuel efficiency of 39.8 miles per gallon combined. In other words, those who decide to upgrade to the fastest models don’t sacrifice much on fuel efficiency. There is no reason why a roadster can’t be fast and still be good for the environment.

Inside of the vehicle, the luxury and the technological advances in the SLK are apparent. Regardless of whehter one is sitting inside as a driver or passenger, there is a feeling of being pampered in the seat. Then the attention goes to the center console where the display screen is as well as the audio system. The audio system can play CD and MP3 music. There display screen is used for the navigation system, which is easy to hook up and easy to update. The driver will know where he is thanks to the GPS in the navigation system. The controls are easy to reach and make sense. Overall, most people are going to enjoy the technology inside the SLK very much.

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