The Mercedes Benz SLK is a vehicle that belongs to a class of its own. It’s suspension makes the driver feel close to the road and allows the car to be handled well. There are three choices when it comes to the suspension. This allows the person purchasing the car to have control and get what they want. The standard set up is multi-link steel, there is an optional sports set-up and a dynamic handling package available. With this package, suspension can be changed between the sport setting and the comfort setting when touching a button.

Mercedes is known for the unique design and comfort of their vehicles. The new SLK seats have high bolsters on the side which can be needed when the vehicle is on the road. Seat adjustment is totally electric and settings can be saved. Head restraints in the back seats can help prevent whiplash from occurring if there is ever an accident.

Mercedes SLK 2011

Test driving the SLK...

Another safety feature is the Attention Assist system. It monitors the behavior of the driver for fatigue and gives a warning for the driver to take a break if needed. Speed Limit Assist scans the upcoming road for speed limit signs and displays that information so the driver can change their speed. This is a very unique technology that can help those who want to have a good driving record. Pre-Safe Break delivers the force needed to stop a car safely when possible, regardless of the amount of pressure given by the driver. This system works due to the use of sensors. The system can even give a warning to a driver that a collision may happen.

Test driving a new Mercedes is probably the best way to get to see all of the features the vehicle offers. Reading about them is one thing, but experiencing them is another thing. A person can not really tell if a vehicle will work for them until they have the opportunity to drive it themselves. There are a lot of different factors that go into choosing a car to buy. It is an important decision that should not be made without test driving a new Mercedes.


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