There are many reasons why consumers are choosing the Mercedes Benz M Class SUV. For many people, it is the best premium luxury SUV in the market. There are a lot of different reasons why consumers love it. A lot of people like the technology that is in there including the navigation system, intuitive controls, rear seating entertainment, and Internet access. Others find the vehicle quite luxurious and comfortable. And then there are those who appreciate the space that is available so that it is quite easy to include a set of golf clubs or skis on the recreation trip. However, one of the most impressive things about the M Class is the engine.

Mercedes Engine

They're not always this clean...

Mercedes Benz found that today’s buyers were becoming even more demanding. They still wanted excellent power in the engine. However, consumers were also worried about the effect of high gas prices. Consumers were also worried about their impact on the environment. Many wanted to lower their carbon footprint without sacrificing what they wanted in a luxury SUV. Amazingly, Mercedes Benz was able to meet their needs with the engine in the M Class.

The 6 cylinder ML 350 BlueTEC is the result of a lot of research and development on the part of Mercedes Benz to satisfy all of the needs of consumers in an engine. First of all, the engine is capable of getting 39.2 miles per gallon combined on the road. But what is really impressive is that it has the ability to go from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 7.4 seconds. This is even better than the old V6 that used to be in previous models.

It is also possible to get the 4 cylinder ML 250 BlueTEC engine instead. It has the same power as the six cylinder V6 engine of previous models. At the same time, it has the fuel efficiency that reaches 44.8 miles per gallon combined. This is definitely an excellent choice for those who want the best fuel efficiency possible while having plenty of power..

No matter the engine chosen, consumers should be very happy with the combined power and fuel efficiency. This is a key reason why many believe the M Class is the best premium SUV out there.

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