Sport utility vehicles have become popular for car owners that want more room, more power, and the ability to travel through rough conditions. The problem with most of these vehicles is that their fuel consumption is off the charts, and they are horrible for the environment. Enter the Mercedes Benz M Class. This is the SUV that breaks the rules. The M Class has two different engine options, each one offering over forty miles per gallon and lower carbon emissions that other vehicles in the same class. The excellent fuel economy also comes with the power and capabilities that drivers have come to expect from this type of vehicle.

Mercedes M Class Offroading on Sand Dunes

Now that's what we like to call off-roading!

Mercedes is known for making cars that are comfortable and reliable. With the M Class, drivers are going to get all the best features that Mercedes has to offer along with best in class cargo capacity. The second row of seats will fold flat to provide even more room, and the sixty/forty split makes the interior very versatile. Sport utility vehicles usually have good cargo and off road features, but they often ride like a truck. With the M Class, the ride is ultra smooth, and the seats cradle driver and passengers to give an extremely comfortable ride in any conditions.

Safety is an important factor in buying any new car. The M Class has some of the best safety features around including the Pre Safe anticipatory safety system. This is built into all Mercedes models as a way to prevent accidents or lessen their impact. The car will sense if there is something behind it when backing up and actually apply the brakes before the driver does. The airbag systems will also adjust the force of their release based on the impact of the car. There is also a blind spot monitoring system that helps drivers see around them.

The M Class also comes with amazing technology features. The navigation system will store routes on a hard disk making it quicker and easier to find your way. This system also comes with a great audio performance and the ability to access the Internet right from the car. The M Class will amaze and impress any driver looking for a new SUV.

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